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Better view, Worsen your back and neck

What do you think? Cool? Hot? Well you can get both of it,I guess. Just wanted to post it here...


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The Dominant Factor

Sexy, sazzy, one red-hot mean machine, you call it any-what... this machine roks!!!!
Mugen Honda unleashing their latest beast, CIVIC dominator concept. (Tokyo Auto Salon 2006)
2.0 liter i-VTEC engine (K20A)
295 horsepower (300ps).

Not bad though..
Love the in and outside of it really much. Especially the wing.. I want I want...

Haze Now

As usual, they are back!!! Fronted many of the daily papers.
Got these two nicely taken photos of sunset and sunrise during haze. (source flickr)
When will all this hazy thingy wont re-appear? Dont ask.. It will never stop. It will coming each and every year... more frequently. Just be well prepared

Civic Type-R Sedan : Wet Dream Cums True?

Wish, by the time it launch.. i'm able to poor myself for this beauty.. Damn it so gorgeous!! more..

The New Fabia

Joyster for a joyride. Expected on highway 2007.

"The Skoda Joyster Concept design study will be presented alongside other innovations from Ĺ koda Auto at the Paris Motor Show on Thursday 28th September, 2006."

Monalisa : Da Vinci illusion Revisited

What you see is what you get. How many of "them" altogether?

Longest Tounge?

Gods Art

Nobody can match His power. Even 1/millionszzz.

Tokyo Drift

Tornado is about to terrorize over Tokyo.
- Flickr

adSense VS adCentre just only the beginning.

And as in many interviews Gates does these days, the conversation eventually turned to Google. Gates said that the company has done a great job on search and advertising, and that the rivalry is a rare case where Microsoft is actually being underestimated.
hahaha... Nothing comes "free" in M$oft..
To get started, all you need is $5 for a one-time signup fee and a credit card to create Microsoft adCenter account.
if i was not mistaken, adSense is "free"

Impreza: The Flying Vagina?

Doesn't seems like "the flying Vee".. :) Doncha?
But somebody has been fired ...

Subaru's chief designer, Andreas Zapatinas, has resigned, effective the end of last month, but it is believed he was fired.

Too much bro Andreas... too much... Maybe he got caried out with GTA San Andreas (hot edition). . :)
No worries.. it wont last long.....

THE prominent propeller nose will be flung from future Subaru models.

But I prefer this... a lot

My 1st Grand Prix Numero Uno

pics from -

Well.... ferrari drivers should get one... errrr.... not just one to be exact...:)
I bet you he'll start collecting silverwaress..

The only thing that could have been better for Ferrari in Turkey was to have Michael Schumacher finish first and Felipe Massa second, but even so first place for the Brazilian and third for the German netted 16 valuable points that brought the Italian team within two points of Renault in the constructors’ championship.

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